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President's Letter

Hello my dear Friends, Newcomers, and Neighbors in Weston,

The President’s letter is a long tradition to be included in what used to be a paper

newsletter. In my first presidency with the club years ago, we used to actually

print and send a newsletter that would always begin with a letter from the

president, and include the upcoming events for the month. Like with everything in

life, I think there’s good and bad to be noted.

What was great about the paper form was that it got delivered to your mailbox.

You could hold onto it, post it… wherever you keep your calendar; and it was a

physical, tangible reminder that you were a part of something. From the Board’s

point of view, this meant we had to be exceptionally organized and work our

schedules, sometimes as much as three months in advance, to get the calendar

items arranged, organized, and planned, with reservations and deposits made;

but it also gave us a great sense of accomplishment when they were mailed out.

Now go forward, and we are in a virtually electronic era with many to most things

being sent electronically, cutting down paper, postage, and, in some respect,

labor. What does this mean for the recipients? Well, you can receive the same

information multiple times, you still feel good about knowing that you are part of

something, and there’s more opportunity for reminders. What are the negatives

for the recipients? Probably all the same things that were positive… lol. And

unfortunately, some people mistakenly or otherwise will opt out, and then they

don’t receive the information at all. I don’t ever recall telling a postman upon

delivery: “I never want to hear from that center again”… lol. What’s good about

electronic emails from the Board’s position? Well, it gives us an opportunity to

have “right up until the last minute” to get events organized, set our schedules,

and make plans, and still be able to make changes, since the calendar is easily

updated. However, having electronic emails go out from the Board’s standpoint

can be tricky, because we can only hope that our recipients read it, understand it,

and engage with the contact.

Whew…if you are still reading, I hope you know that we send out these

newsletters with the same care, enthusiasm, and affection for our town, friends,

newcomers, and neighbors, whether they are in paper form, and something you

can hold onto and keep, or they are electronic, and you take a screenshot and

tuck it away with your important information.

With Weston L♥ve,

Michelle Sperry

WSC President

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